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VSTL: CPUs wholesaler and Supplier

VSTL is a global supplier, wholesaler and exporter of pulled and brand-new CPUs.  We strive to provide our customers with the best processors in the world. We understand the importance of having reliable and powerful processors, and that’s why we offer a wide variety of processors, from dual cores to the latest Deca Core processors. Our company has a 10 years’ of experience in supplying for laptop and desktop processors. We are also the leading company for Intel processors and AMD processors. We supply CPUs globally mainly in  Asian regions,  China, Dubai, major European regions, Latin America, and the USA market. We are proud to be one of the best wholesale CPU suppliers in the world, and we offer big lots at globally competitive prices.

Buy CPUs: Brand New and Pulled

VSTL is a global CPU wholesaler of both brands i.e. Intel and AMD. We supply all models of Intel (i3 to i9 all generation) and AMD (Athlon to Ryzen Pro).

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VSTL: Bulk Supplier, Wholesaler, and Exporter of Quality CPUs

we go beyond being a bulk CPU supplier, wholesaler, and exporter – we are your strategic partner in enhancing computing performance. Explore our range, benefit from our competitive prices, and trust in our commitment to quality. Choose excellence; choose VSTL for all your CPU needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Value Smart Trading is a global leader in supplying bulk CPUs, offering high-performance and cost-effective solutions. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and competitive pricing makes us a preferred choice for businesses worldwide.

Our inventory includes a diverse range of CPUs from brand Intel and AMD, catering to different specifications and requirements. Whether you need processors for gaming, business applications, or general use, we have options to suit your bulk purchasing needs.

Absolutely! Value Smart Trading provides the flexibility to tailor your bulk CPU order by allowing you to choose specific models or brands based on your performance and compatibility requirements.

Minimum order quantities may vary based on specific models and availability. For detailed information on minimum order requirements for bulk CPU purchases, please contact our sales team.

Yes, we provide reliable international shipping services. Our dedicated logistics team ensures that your bulk CPU order is securely packaged and delivered promptly to your specified global location.

Yes, we stand behind the quality of our CPUs. Value Smart Trading offers warranty support and after-sales assistance to ensure your satisfaction and address any concerns you may have post-purchase. 

We implement rigorous quality control measures, including authenticity checks and performance testing, to guarantee the reliability and optimal functioning of every CPU in our bulk supply.

Requesting a quote is simple. Visit our website, fill out the quote request form, and provide details about your specific used/refurbished laptop requirements. Our sales team will promptly respond with a competitive quote tailored to your needs.